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Meet the services provided by Master Home Inspection for you.

Home Inspection

A general home inspection will provide you with invaluable information regarding the house you are selling or looking to purchase. We send a report in 24 hours.

Water Test

Water quality testing is a specialized but simple test that checks a home’s water supply for contaminants and pollutants, such as chlorine, lead, and coliform bacteria.

Radon Test

The most effective radon testing is currently done by collecting air samples that pass through your home through a monitor that records hourly readings.


About Us

Antônio Kadlubitski, founder of Master Home Inspection, is a highly trained home inspector with vast knowledge of general construction. He’s a hard worker, detailed oriented and take time to inspect thorough all details and properly orientate his clients and answer all questions.


Highly recommend him

5.0 rating
January 7, 2020

Anthony did our home inspection. He was GREAT. He was easy to work with, kind and honest. He brought peace to the very stressful buying home process. I highly recommend him.

Leslie Fermon

The best advertising of your products and services!

3.0 rating
January 1, 2020


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December 19, 2019

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